My sons have been taking ukulele and guitar lessons from Forrest for a few years now and we are very pleased. He is extremely knowledgeable, fun,and patient. He has the ability to adapt to my sons’ various personalities and abilities.                                                          Amy Mattola

Forrest is a great guitar instructor for our son Gabe.  Gabe has progressed really well with Forrest’s relaxed style and patience.  Forrest makes the lessons, including learning to read sheet music (notes and tab) interesting and fun.  Gabe always enjoys going.  Forrest encourages Gabe and his other students to play in front of people during open mic sessions which helps build their self esteem and confidence. Gabe continues to developed his love of guitar and always comes back from Forrest’s lessons with enthusiasm and positivity.  I would recommend Forrest to everyone.
Shawn Christopherson

As I listened to the radio as a little kid, I always wanted to play the guitar. The rich sounds of the steel strings resonating across the room. I played a little trumpet in the high school band, and tinkered with the guitar over the years. Last spring, my partner introduced me to Forrest and purchased me three guitar lessons. This was the best Valentine’s gift of my life!!  Forrest is an exceptionally talented guitar player, but also an excellent teacher. He is very patient with his students, never critical, but not shy in correcting my mistakes. What I like about Forrest’s style is that he is teaching me how to play the guitar, not how to play a song. He offers very sound techniques and is very encouraging. The ability to participate in his weekly open mic is a real bonus. I would highly recommend Forrest as a guitar teacher for a student at any age. p.s. I am his oldest student, high school for me was 1969. Don’t let your dreams fade away!!                           Jim McLellan